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Our 2015 “Respect” Chardonnay offers wispy scents of vanilla and toasted merengue that come together like a delicious ramekin of Crème Brule dusted with Meyer lemon zest. With time the patient drinker may coax nectarous scents of peach puree from the glass. This full-bodied Chardonnay is rich and honeyed, with gentle suggestions of roasted hazelnut and vanilla. The silken texture is sprinkled with subtle notes of toasted oak followed by nearly transparent nuances of citrus pith reminiscent of grapefruit and orange peel. 


Like all of our Chardonnays, we recommend you drink this wine at various temperatures to grasp its full range of flavors. As the wine warms, layers peel away to reveal deeper, richer, more nuanced characteristics and the flavor profile evolves and develops in remarkable ways. Pour yourself a glass but do not return the bottle to the refrigerator or ice bucket. We think you’ll enjoy this wine even more as it warms and you discover all it has to offer.

2015 VDFW Respect Chardonnay

  • Blend: 100%  Chardonnay 65% Carneros (Toyon Vineyard) 35% Napa 

    Winemaker: Jean Hoefliger

    Region: Napa Valley

    Appelation: Napa Valley 

    Alcohol: 14.0

    Production: 25 cases

    Sizes: 750, 1.5

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