Wine aficionados agree the keys to an excellent wine are good grapes and a great winemaker. We were fortunate to have many close friends in the wine business who believed in and supported their goal to make a wine to raise awareness and money for seniors with a special focus on Alzheimer’s. 


For over 67 years our family has dedicated our lives to the elderly - providing quality health care to seniors, serving them always with dignity and respect in their skilled care facilities, assisted living communities, adult day memory care, and home care companies. 


Our family’s longstanding commitment to quality can now be found in our wines – Dignity Cabernet Sauvignon, Respect Chardonnay, Le Bel Age Pinot Noir ("The Beautiful Age") and Van Dyk Sauvignon Blanc. 


We have dedicated our wines to our elderly – using the best fruit from Napa’s best vineyards with one of the best winemakers to celebrate every family’s old vines, Our Elderly. 


We believe in a long life, well lived. Aging is an exquisite journey that defines us for generations. It’s this journey that makes each bottle of wine an expression of its origins.


Please join us in “Celebrating Our Elderly with Dignity and Respect” as we approach THE BEAUTIFUL AGE. 


—Bob & Elizabeth