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Rich aromas of caramelized butterscotch and freshly seared crème Brule unfold to reveal cozy scents of bruised apple, oak spice and fleeting hints of orange peel. The broad, full-bodied flavors come together like ultra-ripe Bartlett pears and mature red apples baking in a butter crème pastry. In the mid-palate, crisp acidity adds finesse and balance but the overall impression is full, rich and creamy, while the satisfying finish reveals impressions of honey and toasty oak.


Like all our Chardonnays, we recommend you drink this wine at various temperatures to grasp its full range of flavors. As the wine warms, layers peel away to reveal deeper, richer, more nuanced characteristics and the flavor profile evolves and develops in remarkable ways. Pour yourself a glass but do not return the bottle to the refrigerator or ice bucket. We think you’ll enjoy this wine even more as it warms and you discover all it has to offer.

2014 VDFW Respect Chardonnay, Napa Valley

  • Blend: 100 Chardonnay

    Winemaker: Jean Hoefliger

    Region: Napa Valley

    Appelation Napa Valley

    Alcohol: 14.3%

    Production: 25 cases

    Sizes: 1.5, 750

    Bottled June, 2016

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